Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about getting AquaTraction Marine Flooring in your boat.

What is AquaTraction?+
AquaTraction is a superior alternative to marine carpet and traditional molded-in non-skid. Designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the marine environment, AquaTraction is made from UV-resistant closed-cell xPE foam that will not absorb water and provides exceptional traction when wet or dry. AquaTraction’s shock absorbing qualities deliver maximum comfort on the water, and fishermen appreciate its sound-dampening properties. AquaTraction is fully customizable and brings an aesthetically pleasing style to boats of all sizes.
How is AquaTraction applied?+
AquaTraction utilizes an acrylic-based, pressure sensitive 3M adhesive for a robust bond and easy peel-and-stick application.
Can AquaTraction be applied over existing non-skid?+
Yes. AquaTraction adheres very well to most molded-in non-skids and properly applied and maintained aggregate type non-skid paints, as long as the surface is cleaned properly prior to installation.
What Colors are available?+
Click Here to view our current color offerings.
What is the best method to clean AquaTraction?+
AquaTraction cleans easily with dish soap, hot water, and a stiff bristle brush. AquaTraction recommends a Libman Power Scrub Brush. For stubborn areas, several household products can be used. Do not use acid-based cleaners.
How do I begin my custom project?+
You can begin your custom project by searching our authorized dealers. AquaTraction dealers can provide you with options, suggestions and pricing. Dealer will also schedule your boat to be digitally scanned and installed.
Can I do any work ahead of an install to lower my costs?+
Yes. In certain situations, there is prep work that can be completed prior to our team arriving to scan or install. Each situation is unique, contact your dealer (hyperlink) for more information regarding your custom project.
Can I find AquaTraction on Social Media?+
Yes. Find us on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube
How much does AquaTraction Cost?+
Please contact yourLocal Dealer directly for specific pricing information. If you do not find a dealer in your area, please fill out the form.
What is the life expectancy?+
While AquaTraction is designed to withstand a harsh marine environment, proper care and storage are important. Under normal conditions, AquaTraction is guaranteed to last three years. If the boat is well taken care of, a longer life is likely 10 years +
What is the Warranty?+
AquaTraction products are warranted to be free from any defects at the time of purchase. The xPE material has a 5 year material and workmanship warranty. AquaTraction has the best warranty in the marine flooring industry. Full warranty details are available for download here.
Does AquaTraction get hot?+
As with any flooring product, darker colors will become warmer in the sun. We completed a test on a 103°f day in direct sunlight and our black xPE foam was over 30° cooler than grey marine grade carpet. Thanks to the closed-cell features of AquaTraction, heat associated with any color will dispel quickly.
How long will AquaTraction stay adhered?+
AquaTraction has an industry leading 3 year warranty, however with proper care and storage, you can expect a lifespan of at least 7 years or more. Our engineers constantly tests new substrates to ensure the best bond possible.
If I want to remove AquaTraction how do I do this?+
AquaTraction is designed for a near-permanent installation but can be removed. The best method is to lift one corner, then grip and pull evenly. Stubborn areas and places where adhesive is left behind may require small amounts of acetone. Once the entire pad is removed, there may be a small amount of PSA left on the surface. Soak a cloth with mineral spirits and wipe the area and then let the cloth sit on the surface for 10 minutes, scrape with a plastic putty knife. Once the PSA has been removed, use acetone to remove the mineral spirits.
Can I order material and install it myself?+
AquaTraction requires a custom, digital scan of every boat and our team of professionals will complete the install for you to ensure perfect fit and finish.
Can I order custom logos?+
Yes, we can cut logos and text if supplied with a vector graphic of the logo or given desired text style.
How do I order samples?+
For US customers, an AquaTraction sample kit can be Requested Here. For customers outside of the US, please contact our Customer Advocate Team.
Is the product pet friendly?+
Many people use AquaTraction to keep pets comfortable and stable on the boat, however AquaTraction is made from a proprietary xPE foam, so if scratched or clawed at enough, the product will tear or rip. AquaTraction’s closed-cell material will not absorb water if punctured.
What is the ideal temperature to apply AquaTraction?+
A temperature of at least 60° Fahrenheit is recommended for our professionals to be able to complete the install process.
I have existing flooring – Does it need to be removed?+

There are many different types of boat flooring that has been used over the years. Here is a basic list and what is needed to install Aquatraction flooring.

  • Bare nonskid fiberglass/gelcoat - There are no steps needed to be done
  • Teak/Wood - The teak will need to be sanded smooth and several coats of clear epoxy coating is needed.
  • Plas-teak - Plas-teak needs to be removed completely. A difficult job, but can be done.
  • Glued down Carpet - The carpet needs to be removed and remaining carpet fibers need to be sanded away. An epoxy coating may need to be added.
  • Snap in Carpet - The easiest of them all. Carpet pads are removed, snaps are unscrewed from the floor and the remaining holes are then filled with epoxy.
Floor Preparation+
Floor preparation is vital in the longevity of your new decking. While we will guide you through the preparation steps, it is ultimately the responsibility of the client to have their vessels floor ready for installation of your decking. At time of installation, if our installers determine that the floor is not ready for installation due to inadequate floor prep, we will re-schedule installation at a future date and guide you through the steps necessary. We reserve the right to charge a trip fee of no less than $100.00 for the travel and time incurred following a re-scheduled installation due to inadequate floor preparation.