About AquaTraction Long Island

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AquaTraction is Obsessed with Engineering the World's Most Innovative Marine Flooring.
About AquaTraction Long Island

Down to the nitty gritty I am a blue-collar work horse with a pretty boy mechanical engineering degree. My first job was with a local marina in North Dakota. I was with the marina for 7.5 years until I graduated college. I realized in college an office space wasn't for me.

I have been working with an aquatraction dealer, on the side, for the past 3 years now. Recently, it was brought to my attention the great state of New York was in need of a Aquatraction Dealer so Tanner, Kade, and I said, "bring it on!".

My goal of this dealership is not only to provide a great product/ service but to bring my Nodak work ethic, marine background, and an engineering mindset to the Long Island boating community. There have been some bad dealers in the area prior to my arrival. I am here to rebuild the name and prove the product isn't the issue it was the installer. I am implementing extra steps in the installation / scanning process to ensure a seamless installation and long product lifespan.

I am far from a salesman. The closest I've been to sales in the engineering classroom was taking a product on the market and showing the audience why mine is it better. Which as you know a sales pitch doesn't work on a class of engineers; it's the build, quality, price, ease of use, and longevity. This is the same modo I am bringing to the table. Long Island, you're stuck with a smart engineer not another salesman off the block.

As always, we work 24/7 so feel free to give us a shout anytime of the day.

- Karsen